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Minnesota Farm Senior photos- Mikayla Miller

Senior photos all around farms, creeks, and trails. i was in absolute heaven around Red Wing and Goodhue Minnesota. 

Mikayla is an absolute stunning girl and i'm so blessed to have spent some time with her and her family! they had all the outfits perfectly picked out, locations they thought would be best and it was such an adventure! (great outtake photos were taken too!) but here's more than a few of my favorites. 


the first one was at the last location, but one of my absolute favorites from the day. long grass, blue dress and boots? yup, couldn't go wrong!


our first location was this lovely creek and farm area they had scoped out and it was perfect! we started with family photos, and then Mikayla and her sisters too! what could bring more giggles than a cold creek and us all almost falling over a few times. Mikayla (and her family too!) were such troopers... standing, and kneeling in the cold water until i thought we got some great shots! 


even though these girls have such bubbly happy personalities, they all pulled off this serious look and it's one i'm having printed too! 



 ah! this pink dress was gorgeous on you! we also had a few adventures here too! we walked into the pasture with the cows and pony and they came over by us and watched the entire time. yes i definitely have some photographs of this. 


onto the trails, and green! we don't get this much green down here, so of COURSE i was loving every moment. 


fun-unique-minnesota-photosunique-senior-posesa few more of my absolute favorites for the day.. but i feel like i've said that a lot. i can't help it. You absolutely rocked this photo shoot! serious, laughing, smiling.. you can pull off them all in photos! 
fun-senior-photography unique-outdoor-photos

why not one more adventure? luckily dad was there to help out and get a ladder. I wish i would've recorded this too. mom and dad encouraging this craziness, and getting Mikayla to climb up! what fun photos to cherish! 


senior-girl-photos-minneapolis minneapolis-girl-photography



You are absolutely beautiful both inside and out, and i'm so glad we were able to spend the evening together getting some fun and fabulous photographs! Joy and family- you made the entire day so fun! so prepared and planned out, i couldn't have asked for more! i hope you enjoy these photographs and never forget the adventure of the day! congratulations Mikayla! 


centennial lakes, Edina- Kou & MaiNhia Yang 

MaiNhia had a fabulous idea of meeting at Centennial Lakes in Edina for some photographs of her and husband Kou. it could not have been more beautiful, the areas of green and changing colors was perfection and they are so cute together! She had the serious/sexy look down! 

in between these moments, we had some time to talk, and she's into photography too! she even had an adorable camera ring on. loved this couple! 
not only did they have the serious look down, but they were are laughing and smiling. i'm thinking i might have to make another trip up just to hang out with this amazing couple! 
it's always a good idea to have two looks if possible.  we started with something more casual and then she changed into a dress with heels. even if some poses are similar, it gives variety in choices that you'll get! 
MaiNhia, you're absolutely gorgeous and i had the best time with both of you. it's always such a fun adventure to photograph in new places and be able to explore around. (especially with a fun couple!) 
thank you for our evening together, and hopefully see you cuties soon!

Vintage Wedding in Minnesota- Michael & Sally Rude

It was such a beautiful (but toasty!) vintage style wedding in southern Minnesota. i went snap happy, and absolutely fell in love with every detail that Sally created. As you can see.. there's pink so obviously it was meant to be! 
When Sally and i sat down to discuss all the details, i remember holding back shrieks as she explained all the gorgeous plans she had! It wasn't until the night before the wedding i was able to meet her fiance but as soon as i did.. i knew it was going to be a fun group, and it was! The men had fun and of course the women looked gorgeous. every bridesmaid dress was different.. loved it! 
Everyone wore boots.. so here are Sally's with the rings! 

they couldn't have gotten ready in a more perfect place. it matched completely the decor of the day and i had tons of time with the girls, and they're absolutely fabulous. i'm so lucky to meet such wonderful women and see friendship and giggles all day! 
we tried to stay in the shade, and that was no problem on this farm! (Michael, the groom's parents farm) every element was so lovely, so many areas for photos! 
ha! absolutely LOVE the photo of the whole group above. another one i might have to print to remember this day! 
i was impressed with the girls' moves. seriously, look how adorable! 
the men kept telling me they couldn't look GQ, they're country. i mean, i think they look pretty awesome. 

a moment before walking her down the aisle. 
the CUPCAKES. i can't say enough. OH the photo above of the plane. They had planned for it to fly overhead and take a few photos from above from the farm. such a unique and cute idea! i wanna see the outcome! 
i always love when brides put so much thought into detail, and look at this bar they created out of an old corn crib. everything was perfect, and what's more the entire day was so fun! 
i wanted to share every photo. there were so many incredible moments, and i'm so glad to get to know sally and michael! They're such a wonderful couple, down to earth and the best word for them is FUN! i felt right at home, and yes i busted out some moves too. 
congratulations you two, i could see from behind the camera that you are so in love and absolutely best friends who enjoy and appreciate one another so much! 
**WOOT! something extra. do you wanna see more? and order some prints to come right to your house!? you don't have to wait or bug the bride and groom! click on this link below to see them all, and order straight from the site. MICHAEL AND SALLY RUDE WEDDING PHOTOS

Minnesota farm boys- Levi and Jacob

Happy Friday! whew! i'm finally back home for a couple days before i venture out, and there's so many things to share with you! 

when i was in Minnesota this last time, i had the opportunity to see one of my dearest friends, Michelle and photograph her two boys! She had such a cute idea, got them in their overalls, cute hats, and even used a shelf that her husband had made for the house. SO cute. 


Michelle and Jeff were behind the scenes making them laugh like crazy. i couldn't stop snapping! and Levi fixed his hat with no direction and looked perfect. 

ha i had to include this one of levi. he has some wonderful facial expressions! 

they are absolutely adorable! 

just one i had to show of sweet jacob crying. one of my faves even with those tears. he was done here, but did So good!

and levi helping him feel better:) what sweet brothers

 it's always such a blessing to photograph a family that i truly love and get to catch up with friends from school. It's a wonderful way to see their boys grow, see their lovely home and mostly just laugh and enjoy one another. (and maybe get some DQ after we're finished) 

More than you know Matthees family, you bring such joy to my heart! 


Ty and Kelsey Schulz- Minnesota Wedding

This Minnesota August wedding was so extremely beautiful! It was a toasty day, but we found a ton of shade under the trees, the ceremony in Zumbrota and the reception at the Rochester Golf and country club.
Kelsey's dress absolutely fit her personality and her perfectly. gorgeous, bold, stands out, lovely and everyone wanted to talk about how wonderful it is!  The entire day was full of fun details, surprises, and most importantly; lots of love and laughter. 
Kelsey made these cute pink sandals for all the bridesmaids after the ceremony for a more comfy look. i asked her to make me a pair ;) 
Their whole wedding day was full of so much joy and thoughtfulness. Ty has always treated her like a princess, and i got to see just a glimpse into his romantic side with this wonderful idea. She woke up to find in her suitcase.. a ticking timer.. along with it.. a card. aside from the heartfelt words, he explained every 30 minutes there would be a gift for her! (uhhhh WAY too cute) the gifts ranged from silly to cute.. and her last gift.. a bracelet to wear for her day. it was perfection! and these two put me to tears with how much love they have for one another. (luckily i can cry while holding my camera up to cover my eyes) 
their first look was adorable! kelsey even turned back to show off more cuteness ;) 

i couldn't stop photographing her dress. it was so extravagant. the image on the left below, i made a wood print out of for my desk.. so i get to see gorgeous kelsey everyday! 

such perfect pink glasses she found for the girls! i wanted those too! let's be honest.. i wanted lots of the details. 
there were so many moments this entire day, not only between kelsey and ty, but their family. close to their parents, and always hugging on one another. i loved this day! 
and.. the programs. the best programs! i was so impressed. 

after the ceremony, they wanted to include one of their best friends whom they lost, so we went out to pay respect, and really just remember what a wonderful friend he was. 
at the ceremony i was even more in pink heaven. i loved all the details. 5 things you should know about the bride and groom.. the cutest little koozies, and sixlets! yum! 
one more detail were these mr. and mrs. signs. they were perfect for a few photos on the green. and i couldn't believe how sweet kelsey was.. she sent some of these signs all the way to me here in new mexico because she knew i loved them. gosh, what a wonderful gift! 
more of those moments during dances. i wanted to share about 12 of these shots. but i loved watching how much fun they had during their first dance. i smiled way too much. 
and then what.. FIREWORKS! yes, those are real! they told me ahead of time they would be having some but i never expected some of the best ones i've seen.. EVER! i had so much fun photographing them! what a gorgeous end detail to celebrate! 

congratulations again Ty and Kels. i am so thankful i was able to be a part of your day and capture those moments you had together. i immediately felt part of your family, and love seeing you two together as you love on, giggle, and have such a strong friendship. you're such a beautiful couple and i'll be continuing to pray for a wonderful marriage! 
*do you want to see more and maybe order some prints!? click HERE to see the gallery.