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Family Christmas printed book

i had such a wonderful time with the Sanchez family! i'll soon be blogging all about their family Christmas photos at their home soon!- but here's a great sneak peek to see a few! 

Kimberly decided she wanted a book for her mom and dad and i think it turned out great! They love lots of black and white, and chose a few of their favorites. 

These book are different from the albums i showed you a couple weeks back, if you want to compare what they look like HERE is a link to the album. 


it was so much fun photographing them! we started by taking each couple or smaller family groups and ended with the big group! the first page are mom and dad. gorgeous couple. 

Kimberly and her husband Eddie (below on the right side of the spread) are the ones that set the Christmas photos up for their beautiful family. 

These books are so great for coffee tables, and ordering every year for a great keepsake of your family! absolutely loved creating this book and seeing how excited Kimberly was when she got it! 

When Kimberly received all of her photos and book, she sent the sweetest email and absolutely made me cry, in target.  It's those little touches like her encouragement that really inspire me for more! so thank all of you for welcoming me in your home and letting me spend a little time with your fun family! 


Christmas week with family!

i hope you all had a wonderful Merry Christmas with family! This year around my home, Christmas was a little different. My husband wasn't here but my sister came to visit and we had a blast going to one of her friend's home. the whole day was great, and i felt such a part of their beautiful family. though i think my favorite was when we got home we had a dance party in the living room. i mean.. why not? if you follow me on instagram (which you should, especially if you want to see my puppies more!), you've probably seen a few of the silly photos we took during the day. 

we also went up to mt. Charleston for an afternoon of snow. so here's a few photos (instagram too!) of our Christmas so far together.


below is Christmas eve and day! met a new little best friend at Christmas who loved taking photos with me. little fro-yo for dessert. puppies Christmas chew sticks, and some crazy pics while snacking all Christmas day. 

before they started shivering (they're not used to 30 degree weather) in the snow at mt. charleston. still good sports and one lady said murphy was "such a beautiful little model." which i'm hoping someday when i have kids... i get that many compliments. 

if you want to see all the craziness, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. i just wanted to share a little bit of Christmas time around the Magnuson home this year. 

most of the traditions weren't quite the same without Brandon. Although i did listen to Amy Grant while decorating the tree. feel free to share some of your favorite holiday moments! i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Audrina's first Christmas!- Aliante Discovery park 

Sweet baby girl Audrina!
i was so excited to see Audrina again! the last time i got to see this chubby cheek adorable girl was in June! If you don't remember.. here some photos from then, click HERE. And of course before she was born, i photographed Jordan and Kenna, and boy was Kenna a gorgeous woman with her bump! you can check those out again HERE
This time we all met at Aliante and dodged the sprinklers which is always an adventure. they turned out so cute! One of my favorites is this first one with those big eyes and cheeks showing! not to mention her minnie mouse first Christmas

Audrina wasn't nearly as entertained as we were. but.. it's still cute
she was giving me quite the facial expressions.. and then looked like she kissed her minnie mouse. she's just beautiful! especially with that santa hat ;)  
Audrina did so good even with us moving spots when sprinklers were moving all around, and she let us know near the end she was a sleepy girl, practically falling asleep in the box. 
i always love catching up with Kenna and jordan and seeing their beautiful daughter growing so big! though.. i didn't squeeze those cheeks enough. next time! 

Christmas at Red Rock

Gorgeous friends and adventurous!
red rock_las_vegas
I met Angel through her husband and my husband being friends! they're such a wonderful couple, so wonderful we got some pizza hut afterward and relaxed. it was a great night!
Angel goes hiking a lot, and wanted to show off some of the beauty that Las Vegas has so we headed to Red Rock with their puppy Kona too! so here's a few shots we got walking around, getting dusty, and getting a light workout in!  

one of my faves! 
see what i mean adventurous! they did some good climbing, even in her cute boots!
it was the first time i got to photograph these two amazing people! i'm so glad we were able to make it work and quickly get in some Christmas cards.. which we finished yesterday.. shwhew! 
i'd love to hear about your adventures in photography, or what you had to do to get some great shots! 
OH- a little update!-- i posted yesterday to call and book a session before changes in prices kick in. so call or email before January 1st to get your session! 

Cheesy Christmas photos

hey again all! well this year again, my Christmas photos were late. and so we resorted to something a bit more cheesy than expected. so hopefully next year we'll use our awesome idea! if you remember last years' pic it was one taken by Danette Chappell. but we quickly decided yesterday we needed to get some Christmas photos, even if the cards were going to be late. so if you don't want to ruin your Christmas card surprise. stop reading. 

here's last years! 

this year we took them ourselves, thank you for timers that go off every second, setting off the flashes. yikes. quite the distracting set up! but it worked. and we were going for the what's in the boxes that we are so surprised about!? eh eh!? 

after a few takes.. and WAY too many photos.. over 500.. i liked 3. but it worked! so here comes the card.. shield your eyes if you want to be surprised! 

i decided they weren't quite the WOW factor last year's had. but.. they're fun. and show off our family! (and my office) not to mention a new font i'm enjoying... If you've been searching on facebook.. and remember the DVD cover for Nicole's wedding in September, found this font called AlicoScriptSSK. to be honest, not even sure how it got on my computer! i'm thanking Brandon of course. 

so send me a link to YOUR fun Christmas photos and inspiration, and next year.. well they're gonna be great!