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Beauty photography- Dry lake Bed Las Vegas

WOW! can't believe how fast December is going. i thought i'd be able to get at 3 posts done a week, turns out.. it's been crazy even during the slower months! I plan on doing lots of traveling again in 2014, so especially if you're in Vegas or Minnesota, don't hesitate to plan a session with me :) whew! i also wanted to completely redesign my website so... keep me accountable people! 

I drove to Vegas again in early December to do a few shoots. What keeps photographers fresh, motivated, and not cranky are some of their own concept shoots (you'd think added shoots would make us crabbier.. it doesn't) i asked the lovely Amelia to model for Jose and i at the dry lake bed. what is so fantastic about our own shoots is we can try whatever we want, no pressure of what's expected or needed and trying lighting, and even crazy stuff! i stay with a wonderful photographer friend Vanessa, who let me borrow the lovely fabric you'll see. it was a tad chilly but Amelia did so AMAZING!










Ladies, i have to mention again that Valentine's Day is coming up and even if you're too nervous to do some boudoir shots for your spouse or even for you!- this kind of shoot would be great. Beauty shots to show off, feel good about and having fun! I try to do photographs of me or my family every couple months, not only to show progress and changes, but for future family to treasure those too! 


so show off your hotness this season :) 


Beauty Photography in Minneapolis 

Good morning gorgeous! (or handsome men.) i have been so excited to share just a few of the beauty images from earlier this summer. Glamour is still one of my favorite things to photograph and sometimes women aren't quite up for it.. but i urge you to try it! the ones i did in my coral dress.. (if you forgot click HERE to see them again) made me feel so confident, and now they're going to be printed for my new house! you have photographs of kids, pets, weddings, engagement.. and sometimes just our significant other.. so it's time for YOU. i'm thinking someday, my kids will really appreciate them and cherish those photographs. 
this is all natural light.. as soon as i left.. i purchased the same type of curtain to use for future photo shoots. it's just so lovely and light! 

what can i even say? perfection. she's absolutely stunning. and it was such a fun shoot! she had some of the most beautiful outfits to change into! 
She's lovely inside and out and i'm so glad we were able to get those photographs! 

whether you choose and outdoor location, to get a hotel room or even right in your home.. they all can be special! we chose to photograph right in their bedroom and it created such an intimate feel, that will always be cherished.. their home together. 
if you've been thinking about some beauty or boudoir photos, i hope this encourages you! serious or giggly.. we'll get your best looks! :) 
Beauty is how you feel on the inside, and it reflects in your eyes. -Sophia Loren 

gorgeous boudoir photography- Minnesota 

I always say one of my favorite types of shoots are beauty or boudoir, i love seeing women feel good about themselves, and really just shine through in photos. Not that this seriously beautiful woman needs help shining, she did so wonderful! 
I've known her for years and years; in fact you could go back in time and see some pretty awful matching outfits that we insisted on, so i was honored when she chose me to photograph her and we were able to catch up and have tons of fun during the shoot! 
She's absolutely stunning so here's a few of my favorites! 

She did her own makeup and hair and ladies.. if you're interested in a session, she has a business doing just that!- so you have no excuses.. we found someone to make the full experience and get done up! 
She's such a smiley bubbly girl and swore she couldn't do the serious face, BUT DANG! i think she did it perfectly. she's got it down! 
one of my favorite images is this last one. LOVE the lip color she chose. 
Don't forget to leave some love below, and comment here on the site and keep encouraging this gorgeous woman!- and she's definitely available for hair and makeup and because she's done a boudoir shoot, she can help out too! 
You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.- song of songs 4:7

Tierney- boudoir 


i couldn't ask for a better model for boudoir! i was SO excited when she asked me to photograph her as a wedding gift to her now husband, Travis! we even tried to be sneaky!- i was parked a house down and waited for Travis to leave, and then pulled ahead to start her gorgeous session! their house was the perfect location to add in some personal touches. 




have i mentioned yet how truly awesome travis and tierney are?  we had to do a little rockin' out in the music room. 






Tierney is truly one of those rare women who know how to move, and look amazing in the front of the camera! I am so excited about the photos we got, and even happier when i found out Travis loved them too! :) Congratulations you gorgeous newlyweds! 


las vegas boudoir- celebrating you! 

The day came when this gorgeous woman came in to celebrate her hard work at her new fitness routine and for her husband too of course! 
I love photographing women who are celebrating who they are and treating themselves to capturing images of them showing how beautiful they truly are. 

Thank you Sona Cox for makeup! 

one of my favorite outfits was this sexy little pink sweater, after seeing her in in, i suggested wearing it a lot more! she looks fantastic! 
It was also a surprise for her husband, and he immediately posted almost all of them online. i think he liked them! She even snuck out a few of his things to wear, loved it! 
What a wonderful beautiful woman, hard worker, wife, and mama. im so glad she decided to celebrate with some images, and of course let me show you all too!