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Beauty photography- Dry lake Bed Las Vegas

WOW! can't believe how fast December is going. i thought i'd be able to get at 3 posts done a week, turns out.. it's been crazy even during the slower months! I plan on doing lots of traveling again in 2014, so especially if you're in Vegas or Minnesota, don't hesitate to plan a session with me :) whew! i also wanted to completely redesign my website so... keep me accountable people! 

I drove to Vegas again in early December to do a few shoots. What keeps photographers fresh, motivated, and not cranky are some of their own concept shoots (you'd think added shoots would make us crabbier.. it doesn't) i asked the lovely Amelia to model for Jose and i at the dry lake bed. what is so fantastic about our own shoots is we can try whatever we want, no pressure of what's expected or needed and trying lighting, and even crazy stuff! i stay with a wonderful photographer friend Vanessa, who let me borrow the lovely fabric you'll see. it was a tad chilly but Amelia did so AMAZING!










Ladies, i have to mention again that Valentine's Day is coming up and even if you're too nervous to do some boudoir shots for your spouse or even for you!- this kind of shoot would be great. Beauty shots to show off, feel good about and having fun! I try to do photographs of me or my family every couple months, not only to show progress and changes, but for future family to treasure those too! 


so show off your hotness this season :) 


2nd Blog Anniversary! 

Good morning!

 Today is such a wonderful day to share that it's the mark of Davista Photography 2nd blogiversary! 


Life has changed so much since the 1 year mark. We moved to New Mexico in September, i was in Minnesota for most of the summer, and also traveled 4 times so far to see my family in Dallas and of course a couple times back to Vegas too! 

I'm so thankful where being a photographer has taken me, i really couldn't be where i am with out all of you! thank you so much for all of your support and following! i'd love to hear more about what you'd like to see on the blog and Facebook for the next year and i'd love to do a small giveaway for a starbucks gift card! just comment below on what you want to see more of here on my blog by December 7th and i'll use a randomizer to pick the winner!

i'm still planning on sharing more of my new home and all things crazy shanna life too! i haven't forgotten!


engagement session Bellagio Fountains- Las Vegas

I recently moved from Las Vegas to Holloman New Mexico as many of you know, but before i packed up my tiny mustang to leave, i had another great opportunity to shoot with Danette Chappell of The Amberlight Collective. She had this absolutely stunning couple coming to Vegas from Sweden, and let me tag along for some shots too! i encourage all photographers to find other people to shoot with. It is such a good experience, and Danette from day one working at the chapel together, helped me so much! So thank you for letting me be there this lovely day! 
Here are just a few favorites! 

i couldn't stop snapping away, and Lina was so good at posing! She actually is a wedding and portrait photographer too
Another reason to get some close photographer friends... behind the scene shots... :)
we started at the Bellagio Fountains, and walked to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and across the street to the Paris too. Always some fun areas that show a different part of Vegas.. green trees! 

You should definitely head over to The Amberlight Collective blog and check out her gorgeous photos! I'm so blessed to know Danette and have someone who could answer all my crazy questions and teach me so much! Happy Thursday! 

Minnesota Farm Senior photos- Mikayla Miller

Senior photos all around farms, creeks, and trails. i was in absolute heaven around Red Wing and Goodhue Minnesota. 

Mikayla is an absolute stunning girl and i'm so blessed to have spent some time with her and her family! they had all the outfits perfectly picked out, locations they thought would be best and it was such an adventure! (great outtake photos were taken too!) but here's more than a few of my favorites. 


the first one was at the last location, but one of my absolute favorites from the day. long grass, blue dress and boots? yup, couldn't go wrong!


our first location was this lovely creek and farm area they had scoped out and it was perfect! we started with family photos, and then Mikayla and her sisters too! what could bring more giggles than a cold creek and us all almost falling over a few times. Mikayla (and her family too!) were such troopers... standing, and kneeling in the cold water until i thought we got some great shots! 


even though these girls have such bubbly happy personalities, they all pulled off this serious look and it's one i'm having printed too! 



 ah! this pink dress was gorgeous on you! we also had a few adventures here too! we walked into the pasture with the cows and pony and they came over by us and watched the entire time. yes i definitely have some photographs of this. 


onto the trails, and green! we don't get this much green down here, so of COURSE i was loving every moment. 


fun-unique-minnesota-photosunique-senior-posesa few more of my absolute favorites for the day.. but i feel like i've said that a lot. i can't help it. You absolutely rocked this photo shoot! serious, laughing, smiling.. you can pull off them all in photos! 
fun-senior-photography unique-outdoor-photos

why not one more adventure? luckily dad was there to help out and get a ladder. I wish i would've recorded this too. mom and dad encouraging this craziness, and getting Mikayla to climb up! what fun photos to cherish! 


senior-girl-photos-minneapolis minneapolis-girl-photography



You are absolutely beautiful both inside and out, and i'm so glad we were able to spend the evening together getting some fun and fabulous photographs! Joy and family- you made the entire day so fun! so prepared and planned out, i couldn't have asked for more! i hope you enjoy these photographs and never forget the adventure of the day! congratulations Mikayla! 


Five things

life here in new mexico is finally slowing down... well.. for a couple weeks. i've been making lists of things to add to my new obsessions. if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook.. you might see some of these so i'm trying to find the new ones! 


 One - otter box 2000 series. no.. not for your phone. i use this when i travel for my external hard drive.. BUT a great use when i'm at home adventures is while kayaking! it's water proof, so i can bring my phone, cards that kinda thing and it floats. although i don't take that risk, i put the band around my feet. but a great little case to add to your collection. love mine! 

Two- Quest bars. okay, so these aren't new if you stalk me. but i crave these suckers. they're SO good. Gluten, soy, and dairy free. 20g of protein. short list of ingredients. 1g of sugar. and holy crap so delicious. when i want chocolate or something sweet, i grab one of my favorite kinds and don't feel guilty. here's a secret i heard from someone also addicted.. melt these in the microwave for about 10 seconds.. ahhhh drool. so a protein bar that i don't get sick of and honestly am in love with. yes, love. so go to your local GNC store or amazon and buy some. start with these two kinds first.. my faves!

Three-ITunes Radio. new awesomeness. i usually have to be convinced for.. well anything new. while roadtripping, brandon turned this on and it's so great. so basically let's say you LOVE a song and want to find new ones similar. ITunes radio plays those, and eventually learns ones you skip/like all that good stuff. and find you like? add it to your wish list to purchase later. i enjoy finding new fantastic music and this is a fun way! also, it's been successful.. so many songs on my wish list. 

Four- i didn't use to do my nails. i blame my bestie Rachelle. cause now i do. anyway! i stick to mostly wearing pink or hot pink.. or light pink. i wanted a fall color that stuff was pink..ish. i love essie nail polish so when i found "The Lace is On" the other day, i bought it and immediately tried it out. so cute and in time for fall. you should too! i started it on my toes and secretly can't wait until my nails get chipped so i can put it on my fingers too! 

Five- now that i've actually been working out consistently. (only about 6 months, but going strong and so happy!) i have been in search for inexpensive but favorite workout clothes. i have been seeing instagram fit chicks wear the craziest things, so i went for it. i'm buying weird colored pants. my favorites that i just ordered another one of is these Champion Power Core capris and pants that i can't help but try to wash as fast as possible to wear them again. so go check them out... at Target! yup that's right, my favorite are from this little store. i feel good and like the fit! and for a little under 20 bucks.. goodbye to expensive ones. ick.


i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! and let me know if you try out some of these products!