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Beauty photography- Dry lake Bed Las Vegas

WOW! can't believe how fast December is going. i thought i'd be able to get at 3 posts done a week, turns out.. it's been crazy even during the slower months! I plan on doing lots of traveling again in 2014, so especially if you're in Vegas or Minnesota, don't hesitate to plan a session with me :) whew! i also wanted to completely redesign my website so... keep me accountable people! 

I drove to Vegas again in early December to do a few shoots. What keeps photographers fresh, motivated, and not cranky are some of their own concept shoots (you'd think added shoots would make us crabbier.. it doesn't) i asked the lovely Amelia to model for Jose and i at the dry lake bed. what is so fantastic about our own shoots is we can try whatever we want, no pressure of what's expected or needed and trying lighting, and even crazy stuff! i stay with a wonderful photographer friend Vanessa, who let me borrow the lovely fabric you'll see. it was a tad chilly but Amelia did so AMAZING!










Ladies, i have to mention again that Valentine's Day is coming up and even if you're too nervous to do some boudoir shots for your spouse or even for you!- this kind of shoot would be great. Beauty shots to show off, feel good about and having fun! I try to do photographs of me or my family every couple months, not only to show progress and changes, but for future family to treasure those too! 


so show off your hotness this season :) 


Dry Lake Bed- Adrian and his motorcycle 

The Dry Lake Bed in Vegas is always a favorite to do a photo shoot at, and i've been wanting to photograph Adrian and his awesome motorcycle for a while! We went out last week, and he was such a good sport cause it was super hot out that day and he drove all the way from the north part of town. I'm so glad he did, cause i LOVE the shots we got! So men.. if you've been wanting some sweet photos too but not sure how, this is one way. i think he looks pretty awesome! 

i had to zoom in and still kept Adrian in it :) and if you look super close, you can kinda see me.. but ignore that. 
had to kick up a little dust
love the sun just going over the mountains. 
he did SO great with a few poses. 
seriously. i love these. and i'm encouraging men (and women!) to use their sweet rides for photos. what better art to hang on the ways then to show off! thinking my mustang might be in one soon now... Minnesota, Vegas, and New Mexico people. i'll be around. so contact me if you want some portraits done too! 
for those who are curious, the Bike is a Yamaha vstar Stryker. and yes. i wanted it. Happy Tuesday! 

catching the morning light on memorial hill- Sharece

can you believe this beautiful girl is a senior already!? Sharece, my best friend's sister and amazing woman! We got up early to catch the beautiful sun up at Memorial Hill park in Red Wing, and it was worth it! Though it was about 30 degrees, She made it look like we were warm.. okay so i was the cold one. The first photo remains my favorite but as i edit there are so many that are gorgeous. 
So here's a few more of our time together! i didn't put the embarrassing one up.. sharece, i'll leave that up to you! :) 

There are so many to share, and she always has a huge smile on her face, but i couldn't resist putting up more of her serious look.. she has got that DOWN! plus it makes her eyes pop! It was so fun photographing Sharece!