Jesus. baking. music. weight lifting. nights. talking. iphone. loud. dates with husband. shoes. sleep. dancing. singing. decorating. design. my puppies. 

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Welcome to Davista Photography! 

I am so blessed to be where I am today, doing what i love for a living! My Photography story isn't anything out of the ordinary, just a girl that picked up a camera at a young age, and endlessly annoyed all my friends with photos anytime we hung out and it became a passion along the way. i love love. i'm energetic and outgoing, with tons of fun ideas for you! modern. romantic. fun. 


I'm married to a wonderful man in the Air Force who brings me so much joy, someone who supports me with all that i do, helps me become more independent, and loves me for all the crazy ideas i come up with.  He is the one i get to go on all the adventures with, and i can't wait to see what else is in store for us.


growing up in minnesota!

Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, then on to St. Paul for college. Met my wonderful husband through my best friend when i visited North Carolina. i'm used to the cold, the snow, but mostly all the green fields and cows! best of both worlds, i feel at home in the city and the country.

puppies!- those two cute pups are Murphy and Conner. wanna see more!?- click here.

My inspiration for who i want to become more like is my mom, aunt and nana. The most professional, classy wonderful women. They have their own successful business and gain some great relationships through it. This is one reason i love what i do too, meeting all of you and building those friendships. I admit another thing i love about them is their bright blonde hair, their crazy laughs, and their goofiness when you get to know them, that i am, without even trying becoming more like everyday. I can’t even get away from the blonde hair! 


The Davista name


Since i was in college i felt God has been laying this name on my heart to use for my business. My parents first beautiful baby together is a tough story to tell. Ronda Davista was very sick and didn't make it past 3 days after she was born, but through her story it brought my mom to the Lord, and really set her journey as a Christian. Ronda's middle name was one that my parents created from their names... David and Starla. I always thought it was beautiful, my brother's middle name is my dad's name, and mine is my mom's. Even though so many things have changed for our family, and we're all so far apart, these names keep me feeling connected and help me remember my journey for which i'm put on this earth for, and is something completely special to me. It also is a reason to photograph love all around me. The loss of her baby girl made my mom even more appreciative of me, and through her love i am so thankful for my new family, my husband who i can love with all my heart because of my mom’s love. I want to show what's unique about each relationship, and let that love completely shine through in photographs. 


Thank you for visiting my blog, and may God bless you abundantly 

Shanna Star