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Decorating adventures. 

My mama was right. i shouldn't have decided on how i wanted to decorate the house until i was moved in! She's a smart woman. Before i even moved to Las Vegas, i had to make the wedding registry. I thought i knew exactly what colors i wanted in each room. Then one day about a year after I lived here, my taste changed. I went on an inexpensive shopping spree to change the living room. If you've seen other room changes, you've seen some drastic differences, like this one. In the living room I originally thought red and brown. Safe, and definitely cute colors together no doubt but while out shopping i was thinking how i want something bright, fun, and more me! One of my favorite color schemes is gray and yellow, in fact if i were to go back to the wedding planning, i'd seriously consider these colors. 

I decided to go on gray, yellow and light blue. ahhh perfection is what i found. there are still some updates i'd like to add but we're getting closer! 



Changed needed: Definitely a new little table. more wall art. finish production of the photo of puppies! 

This canvas below is on my list of making. First the colors are perfect for against the wall. Second it's a quote from how i met your mother, our favorite show to watch together. third, what better room to put a quote from your favorite tv show than in the living room? This is on my need to make list. thank you pinterest

What i love is how some pillows are just the old ones with new covers on them. Saves money by not buying all new pillows, and reusing the ones you have. 

Also i went with foam core mounting for the puppy photo. No it's sadly not a canvas for now, it saved tons of money though and still get a huge print! yeah! If you want to see where the puppy photo was taken, and see it closer.. click here.

The other big change was painting the wall gray. We were thinking of a blue, but this feels just so relaxed and i feel like it ties in all in together. I'm happy with it. 

Also wish i could say i told Conner to sit there for photos. He was being lazy, but oh so cute. 

I found a lot of the new items from target! Frames, blue and white vase, and pillows. These yellow flowers though, from michaels. One of the favorite things in the room! Dried flowers. so cute. I'd really like to buy more. 

Candles too! I usually like to stick to yankee, but been finding some pretty good burning candles from Wal-mart too. Usually the food smells are the ones i like, flower candles.. just not my taste. 

There's always more to do, seems like a home is never finished, but we're slowly getting there, and i'm so thankful for the beautiful home we have. 

what are some color schemes you like!? Once you were settled in, did some rooms change? Love to hear some tips on inexpensive decor that worked for you!

OH- i totally fell asleep outside or this little post would've been up sooner. It's been just too beautiful not to enjoy some time out in the sun! 


Inspiration in bloom. 

Fresh new ideas for spring!


Today has already been an amazing Spring day. I'm off from work, so it meant a nice massage, cleaning, puppy walk, cooking and talking with my best friend! I mentioned i was stuck on a post for today, and she said how beautiful it was out. She's absolutely right, and even without meaning to, she constantly inspires me! So what better way to celebrate this day to show off some colors, and ideas for Spring! 

I've found a pantone of hot colors for Spring 2012, so if you're looking for some inspiration, think about combining some of these colors! 

I also shared some cute colorful personalized mason jars you can find again here. Here's another way to use mason jars wedding or party! 

Maybe thinking about a sweets table instead or along with a cake? Found this adorable bright table full of candy! Delicious, cute and great way to show all your favorites to your guests.

 Also a couple ways to show off some flowers on your big day! 

Hopefully this helped with some new fresh ideas for spring, colors, and combinations! If you want new ideas all the time check out my pinterst or click here to go directly to it.

This day has finally inspired me to change some of the decorations. Beautiful new wreath, out with the winter scents, all bright new colors! 

Do you have any fun fresh ideas for the new season? I'd love to hear them, email me at if you have some photos to share! 

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day and at least getting outside for a walk, make it a date. 


I see red!

Don't worry, i'm not angry! just is the vision i had for a little redecorating! 

this project is one that has been done for a little while now, finally finished! but i wanted to share how far it had come. 

 redecorating has been so much fun to do in my first house! and to be honest, this room wasn’t difficult at all. 

 THIS is the guest bedroom, and it was terrible to say the least. Really it was all the thrown together, extra bedroom things around the house. Mostly, my stuff from college. 



 Since redecorating an entire room was still pretty new, i decided to stay on the cheaper side of things, and i think i did good! so i shopped mostly at Anna’s Linens and Target. 

 I really was feeling motivated one day, and got most of the room done in one shopping trip, spending only about $50, which included the comforter. 

 It ended up being a little more than fifty after the final touches or lamps (target $17) and the amazing pillow cases from Urban outfitters i wanted! ($34) but i’m so happy with how the room turned out! 

 And the absolute best part.. art on the walls? i painted them! Brandon actually thought of it, thinking if we’re going to hang art let’s make it something that we’re connected to, it was my second painting project fot the house (the master bedroom project to follow.) 

 so if you’re in need of some paintings... let me know! i love to do it. and im so pleased with how it turned out. 

 and the finished room! 

so how do you like the finished project!?