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Five things

life here in new mexico is finally slowing down... well.. for a couple weeks. i've been making lists of things to add to my new obsessions. if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook.. you might see some of these so i'm trying to find the new ones! 


 One - otter box 2000 series. no.. not for your phone. i use this when i travel for my external hard drive.. BUT a great use when i'm at home adventures is while kayaking! it's water proof, so i can bring my phone, cards that kinda thing and it floats. although i don't take that risk, i put the band around my feet. but a great little case to add to your collection. love mine! 

Two- Quest bars. okay, so these aren't new if you stalk me. but i crave these suckers. they're SO good. Gluten, soy, and dairy free. 20g of protein. short list of ingredients. 1g of sugar. and holy crap so delicious. when i want chocolate or something sweet, i grab one of my favorite kinds and don't feel guilty. here's a secret i heard from someone also addicted.. melt these in the microwave for about 10 seconds.. ahhhh drool. so a protein bar that i don't get sick of and honestly am in love with. yes, love. so go to your local GNC store or amazon and buy some. start with these two kinds first.. my faves!

Three-ITunes Radio. new awesomeness. i usually have to be convinced for.. well anything new. while roadtripping, brandon turned this on and it's so great. so basically let's say you LOVE a song and want to find new ones similar. ITunes radio plays those, and eventually learns ones you skip/like all that good stuff. and find you like? add it to your wish list to purchase later. i enjoy finding new fantastic music and this is a fun way! also, it's been successful.. so many songs on my wish list. 

Four- i didn't use to do my nails. i blame my bestie Rachelle. cause now i do. anyway! i stick to mostly wearing pink or hot pink.. or light pink. i wanted a fall color that stuff was pink..ish. i love essie nail polish so when i found "The Lace is On" the other day, i bought it and immediately tried it out. so cute and in time for fall. you should too! i started it on my toes and secretly can't wait until my nails get chipped so i can put it on my fingers too! 

Five- now that i've actually been working out consistently. (only about 6 months, but going strong and so happy!) i have been in search for inexpensive but favorite workout clothes. i have been seeing instagram fit chicks wear the craziest things, so i went for it. i'm buying weird colored pants. my favorites that i just ordered another one of is these Champion Power Core capris and pants that i can't help but try to wash as fast as possible to wear them again. so go check them out... at Target! yup that's right, my favorite are from this little store. i feel good and like the fit! and for a little under 20 bucks.. goodbye to expensive ones. ick.


i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! and let me know if you try out some of these products! 


Five things. 

Now that we're mostly settled in to our new house, and life is slowing down at least for a couple weeks, i've had some time to gather a list of the wonderful new products and findings.  i've had so many favorite things piling up lately, i just had to share! beauty products, food, shoes, and decor. 


ONE- Victoria's Secret Pink Collection: Warm and Cozy. seriously, i'm having a slight obsession with this scent. i've been looking for new body scrub and perfume and found this one. then i realized why i like it.. it has a touch of vanilla..but it's so yummy! so if you're looking for something new, check out the PINK collection, they have tons of variety! plus added bonus.. i really like the design. yes, that plays into it. don't pretend it doesn't when you pick up new scents to check out.

TWO- Rudis Gluten-Free bakery. i've been trying a few GF bread out, and some are just gross. i'm still looking around, but found this and really enjoy it! so check it out, most grocery stores have these options. and i got a great secret from the family i stay with (the warrens) toast it, it doesn't crumble as much. also i still try to only use one slice for sandwiches, i still look crazy but i then fill up on the veggies and yummy toppings. i still have such a long way to go to clean eat even 80% but i'm slowly learning and feeling good about the food i'm eating. 

THREE- Nican mug. Get it?-ni-can. I've been wanting one of these Nikon lens mugs for a while, and brandon surprised me with it the other day! it fits perfectly on my desk, and love having it every morning. although, there is a Nikkor brand.. guess i'll just have to get the 70-200 mm next! 

FOUR- Reef shoes. i found these cute little shoes with the most comfortable insoles possibly ever at a bike shop on the mountain the other day (and yessss i finally got a road bike.. should be in this week! more on that later) so comfortable, cute, and i can wear them for weddings and other shoots. i'm pretty pumped about this find. let's be honest, it has a touch of pink. perfect.

FIVE- Metallic prints. it's hard to tell taking a photo.. of a photo. but i just ordered my first metallic prints; and one panorama and i LOVE it. it works for only some photos but it's a gorgeous little touch to add to some fun photos you really want to pop. Professionally printed on Kodak Endura paper, adds shimmer and vibrant colors with highly reflective glossy finish. i'm not usually for reflective.. or glossy.. but it adds such a fun element to photos and i'll be ordering more soon! if i've taken your photos recently and you're interested.. just ask! i'd be happy to order some for you too! 


****if you have some favorite things to share.. post below under "post a comment" especially good healthy recipes, or anything great you'd like to share! i had a suggestion to add in the photos of the new house. who's all interested in seeing those? i'll hop to it a little quicker if you'd like! enjoy your weekend. go outside. :)


Five things. 

whew! home from Minnesota, and catching up on all the wonderful photoshoots. i had such a great time! but i haven't shared any 5 favorite things in a while. so here we go! 
i received some lovely images from simply bridal, a great resource for gowns, bridesmaid dresses, veils and jewelry! They're so wonderful, they even offered to share some specials with you all, if you ask for a code from me! so check out their site by clicking on the link above or on the image below! don't forget to read some alternatives to bouquets!- love these ideas! 
If you follow me, you might have seen lots of photos or posts about the Advocare 24 day challenge that i just finished up on June 8th!- Jordan, a good friend of mine, sells the products and knew i wanted to do a cleanse, and be on a better track for eating. Through the process i found lots of yummy food i didn't even know i liked, and a few favorite products! 
Berry meal replacement shake. These have been a life saver when there isn't any healthy food around and i need to eat right then! no cheating on meals, and delicious. 
spark, is the energy and focus powder you mix with water for a delicious drink! you know i'm hooked on XS energy drink, but these are fantastic too! i'll continue to buy these.. yummmm!! If you're interested in a 24 day challenge, cleanse and clean eating, let me know and i'll put you in contact with someone who helps every step of the way! 
this next one has been a great motivating blog! A beautiful young lady started a blog recently!  Hope shows us tools to use to have a healthier lifestyle! she also is available for dietary consultation, meal planning, and supplementation plans. Click on the image below to start following her great blog and read more about her journey too! you even might recognize her people of minnesota, she's from red wing! 
the next favorite is just adorable! i love it! i went to school with the owner of this fabulous business, and you should check it out! it's called Brown Eyed Beauties, where their passion is affordable and adorable fashion! right there alone.. i'm hooked! click on the image below to go right to their facebook page and start buying some pieces! don't forget to like her page to see updates!
whew! packed full of some great stuff! i hope you find a few things from here you like too! happy wednesday!

Five Things. 

Wowza. it's been a while since i've done a five things post! i hope you all missed them ;) 

Many of you know, i helped host a Girls Night Out event with Vanessa Fulcher, a wonderful family photographer here! i'm so happy she asked me even though we lost lots of sleep and brains. Through this event though i found some new and wonderful products! i'll slowly be sharing these through five things.... SO if i don't mention yours today, don't worry! can STILL be a part of Girls Night Out group.. check it out here!

The first is Bliss Body & Bath. i cannot say enough wonderful things about Taleda! (she makes and sells these products and also is a masseuse. um yes. she's awesome.) She gave Vanessa and i special gifts for hosting, and i was able to bubble bath it up and try the body scrub and body butter. i'm not normally someone who buys these products,but one use and i'm obsessed. friends and family... be prepared for these as gifts! and you can have them shipped to you! click on the image below to go to her fb page to check out her fabulous stuff! 


The second fave thing are these Sports Beans! i shared something similar before, an energy jelly belly product. these are for after those hard workouts. i only bought one so far.. i'm out! R.E.I i'm coming back. 

This third thing is a song, more specifically the artist. this year at WPPI (wedding and portrait photographers International) i had the opportunity to listen to my idol of the photography world, Sue Bryce. she brought Mindy Gledhill with to perform while people were finding their seat. ladies, it's a soft beautiful song and no it's not the right video but it's lovely. listen and let love just soak in. "It's all about your heart."



Another favorite this week is an article i found! 42 wedding favors you'll guests will actually want. super cute ideas! check it out by clicking on the image below ... after you read the rest of this. of course.

 and the fifth, is this new lipstick! and by new, i mean my first lipstick. i normally just use lip gloss from Victoria's secret with a pink tint. i didn't leave the path completely but i found this lipstick to apply over chapstick that i'm loving! coral ambition. super cute and summery!


whew! random. i need to share so much more, i can't wait! would love to hear suggestions by you commenting below! tell me what you're interested in learning!


five things. 

There are more than five things i'm loving this week, but... sigh.. i guess i'll stick to my five. 

The first is this beautiful new color nail polish i bought. Snappy sorbet by a sally hansen collection. I recently went shopping, bought a few peachy tops and can't get enough of the summery feel, not to mention-it makes me look more tan in these months where i'm lacking any tan! 

if you follow me on instagram you might see some of my new inspiration before anyone else and know that, i'm about to redesign my website! It's been in the works for a while that this needs to happen. I was completely stuck and didn't even know what i wanted. After watching Creativelive with Jasmine Star, i was re-inspired to start my design! i started with an inspiration board. i went into my closest, around my house and snapped photos of the things i loved most and thought showed who i was. the colors are MOSTLY staying the same except for.. MINT! a little pop of color here and there that you'll be seeing. i'm hoping i'll have the new website up within a few months. here's my color palette i made. would LOVE your thoughts! i'll be showing sneak peeks of details as it all comes together!

 If you've followed my five things blogs for a while, you might remember some of my other books i've shared and a few have been from John and Stasi Eldredge, today's book is no different. I picked up Epic at Savers the other day, i'm only a couple chapters in, but when i love how Eldredge writes, and he mentions Lord of The Rings, there's no going wrong. It's a wonderful little book about your life and the story it holds. i'm constantly looking for more inspiration for my photography and reading and taking in how beautiful life is, ALWAYS inspires.

i said i went shopping, i bought mostly pink/peach and a few pops of mint. yes this week has been mint obsession week. it was necessary. and check out that nail polish mentioned above! i also got a cute little mint belt to go with it. Some times, a girl needs to shop a little. Those boots, i've been wearing them a ton! my new favorite outfit.

so what started me making that cute palette from above?- Pinterest of course. But i wanted more than the ones being pinned, which is when i actually discovered the fabulous website Design Seeds. Do you have one color in mind? you can find any mix of colors you want which is not only great for design but for weddings! you can see what the colors would look like together and design your own. click on the image below to start playing with color for yourself! 


This week gave me a lot of new ways to be inspired and feel fired up for the new things to come this year!

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-"i wonder what sort of tale we've fallen into?"- J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings.