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Las Vegas Maternity session- David and Valerie


I have had the opportunity to photograph this stunning couple from engagement on the strip and lake las vegas, to their wedding reception in california, and now maternity! i'm not sure if there is a more photogenic couple who are couple crazy about one another. we have had time to sit down and talk God, relationships and just life. i treasure this couple so much and am so glad to see their special blessings along the way. 

and seriously, she's just glowing and looks so beautiful. 



you can't tell by the (little) shade we found and how good they are at posing but it was sweaty hot this day. we found this cute park and got some fantastic shots! my favorite being the one above.


at every angle, she's just gorgeous. 

 they brought lots of goodies too! books, clothes, and these booties. so adorable. beautiful-maternity-photographsmaternity-photographer

david and valerie are so good at being the model-looking couple but we busted out a few funny ones too. David can get Val cracking up at any moment! maybe even teasing her a little bit ;) 


oh and did i mention stylish? goodness. if it wasn't a thousand seemingly degrees this day, i think i could've photographed them all day! 


 i'm so happy we found some shade in las vegas this day. and it turned out to be a great place for photos! 



thank you once again for letting me photograph the two of you! you both really are such a blessing, and when we get together i always feel refreshed! congratulations again and i'll be continuing to pray for your growing family! 

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Floyd Lamb Park- David and Nicole! 

I couldn't ask for a better couple for this maternity shoot! Nicole is absolutely stunning, and her puppies (big sisters!) were ready to play! Right away i knew David was a was more of the manly type and wasn't into doing too many traditional "cutesy" photos, but when he did them.. it was perfect! huge smiles from both of them. You can tell he's in love with Nicole if he's willing to do these shots! :) So here's a few from our time together! 

see the one below! he did such a good job, and i can't get enough of nicole's laughter here! 
it was such a perfect morning, the light was great, and we got some fantastic shots! but it's easy with a couple like this :) 

Maternity photos in St. Paul- Sarah


I met sarah through my friend Rachelle, and actually next summer we're both in her wedding! Sarah is due next month and wanted to get in a few photos before the day baby arrives. our first plan was to go downtown Minneapolis, but it was sure cold out this Minnesota morning so we stayed around the apartment area, and it worked perfectly! we had a little caribou  coffee before starting out inside the apartment, which are a few of my favorites from this session!

Brooklyn (sarah's daughter) got more involved as we went outside, and it worked great for me! ;) she wasn't into photos until i let her use the reflector and "blind mom" this instantly made her more cheerful and then we snuck her in a few photos too! 


Sarah did so great, and looked adorable! it makes me think i'll have to get maternity photos done too.. someday! I'd love to hear what you think about showing off that sweet baby bump, if you think you'll get some done when you have the chance. 



One of my favorite families of all time.
I went to school with Michelle almost my entire life! Since we were about 5 years old. She's one of those amazing friends that even though we live so far a part and we both are too busy to talk often, when i visit it's like our friendship picks up exactly where we left off. I had the chance to spend some time with her incredible family after photos too.. which i should upload. Little Levi had a dance party for us. it was awesome!
You look even more beautiful than you know Michelle.. and yes.. you too Jeff. Even when i constantly bother you guys to dance with me at every wedding! When i opened these photos and started editing, all i saw was love. You guys having real laughs, smiles and hugs. It takes me back when i got to take your engagement photos when i had time with just you two (plus levi now!) and feel so encouraged by you both.  
I'm so glad i was able to spend some time photographing and then talking with you! I love seeing your home and the life you've built together. i sound so.. mushy. but i love you guys. 

i mean look at that face! michelle.. you're awesome! giving knucks below
Love how sweet he is on you here...
Jeff you're a good sport.. i know how much you love when i take way too many photos. I can't wait to meet your little one! kiss on Levi's cute cheeks some more! 
I'm so blessed to have you in my life. From my favorite book Captivating, a quote that reminds me of you. "...A woman who at her core was made for romance, made to play an irreplaceable role in a shared adventure and who really does possess a beauty all her own to unveil." 
More to come! to see more head over to facebook, become a fan and look for updates!

craving chocolate- kenna's maternity! 

I couldn't wait any longer! there are so many fabulous photos of these two, but i wanted to show a few of each location. If you read the previous post, a little sneak peek, which you can check out again here.. then you know how much i really loved Kenna! you also know we started out at Serendipity for a little lunch and ice cream and then out to the dry lake beds! 

She had her fabulous ring so, i had to use it! We enjoyed some frozen hot chocolate, root beer float, and nachos. yummy! 

If you're looking for some beautiful invitations, check out Blush Invitations. Kenna is the owner of this company, not to mention how we met!

what i really enjoyed is how much fun they had together. Jordan did a great job making Kenna laugh, and then of course they both had amazing smiles! 

Then started the paint fight! 

thank you Kenna and Jordan for letting me photograph you two and the baby bump! you are absolutely beautiful, and we need to get together so you can see all the rest! yeah! i might have gotten carried away for showing so many.. but i couldn't help myself!  

i hope you are all enjoying your sunday!