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Kayaking adventures on lake mead, Las Vegas

It was our first time Kayaking on Lake Mead in Vegas and i don't know why we didn't go sooner! it was absolutely lovely aside from the blisters and paddling into the wind for most of it. (gloves next time...) 

as many of you may know, our new home is now in New Mexico. I just moved here this weekend but i'm getting much more positive about it! Before we left however, we decided to use the time (9 days to be exact since this summer has been crazy) to do some adventures together of things we wouldn't be able to do for a while. it made me realize we need to be doing more of these fun things together WAY more often. 
i didn't bring my camera because i knew if i did something awful would happen but thanks to an otterbox that floats, i stored my phone and when when i wasn't scared of tipping over of the huge boats passing, i snapped a few. so glad i did. they aren't perfect but that first one is going to get printed for sure! 4 hours, $60. definitely a doable date and we brought our own food so get to it. plus.. it works your arms and back. workout baby! 
what these semi forced adventures helped us learn is to take some time to get to know the area, we have lists down and now when we move we have fun things to do! i suggest you do too. people of mn.. get to it i know how much beauty there is there. unfortunately so do my torn a part feet from all the fun shoots! 
i was really excited to share this post cause... it's an awesome adventure/date/workout/tanning session and it's completely doable! so skip the dinner and movie this week and find something fun outside to do. 
what are some fun adventures you like to go on with your significant other? any ideas for us in the middle of nowhere!? ;) we already have two dates this week planned to get plugged in and start loving where we live. Oh and i'll be posting more of the new digs when things get picked up a little more around here! lots of fun decorated rooms to share! 

Dry Lake Bed- Adrian and his motorcycle 

The Dry Lake Bed in Vegas is always a favorite to do a photo shoot at, and i've been wanting to photograph Adrian and his awesome motorcycle for a while! We went out last week, and he was such a good sport cause it was super hot out that day and he drove all the way from the north part of town. I'm so glad he did, cause i LOVE the shots we got! So men.. if you've been wanting some sweet photos too but not sure how, this is one way. i think he looks pretty awesome! 

i had to zoom in and still kept Adrian in it :) and if you look super close, you can kinda see me.. but ignore that. 
had to kick up a little dust
love the sun just going over the mountains. 
he did SO great with a few poses. 
seriously. i love these. and i'm encouraging men (and women!) to use their sweet rides for photos. what better art to hang on the ways then to show off! thinking my mustang might be in one soon now... Minnesota, Vegas, and New Mexico people. i'll be around. so contact me if you want some portraits done too! 
for those who are curious, the Bike is a Yamaha vstar Stryker. and yes. i wanted it. Happy Tuesday! 

Brent and Keisha Lunning- Minnesota Farm Wedding!


I don't even know where to start bragging about this couple. I've known Keisha since i was little, and she was always the bubbly outgoing gorgeous woman you see her on her wedding day. I had the pleasure of meeting Brent at another wedding, and from day one even though i'm so far away, i could see how crazy he is about her. Her day was absolutely one of my favorites; i laughed, cried, and sang all day with friends and family! I couldn't get enough of all the details.. not to mention, keisha made them herself!- the bouquet, signs, you name it, she made it. i'm so happy i got to be a part of their absolutely perfect day and celebrate all night dancing.. and yelling at the bridesmaids when we were trying to get the "love" photo near the bottom ;) 
cowboy boots to add to this day on her parent's farm.. IN LOVE.

it's always so special getting ready in the home you grew up in. 
All day was full of beautiful moments. Keisha is extremely close to her parents, and the tears and joy shared between them made me cry all day. luckily, i can hide behind my camera. 
farm-weddingand don't forget brent! what a stud! and something so wonderful, both his dad and keisha's dad wore a white tux with purple. could this day get more perfect!?

what a HOT couple! workin' it. 
wedding-at-farmtheir first look also brought me to tears.. the huge smiles and giggles from brent and keisha.. and then screams from the windows of the bridesmaids watching. 
Keisha even did her own makeup and hair. i can't believe how amazing she is! the serious face below, is rare for this beauty but WOW she did it so well! 
the cute bridesmaids who have had to put up with me before. and always look adorable! i have so much fun with you all! 


we went on a back road with the whole wedding party and their party bus.. SO much fun before the reception started! and maybe some weird bus photos happened. maybe. 
see that lovely "love" photo below.. let's just say it took a few times to get it right, but i had SO much fun in the process. thanks girls for doing this! 
there wasn't a detail not thought of, and the whole day was so full of beauty both in all her hard work, and in the love they have for one another. 
i wanted to post all the photos, i couldn't stop myself! if you want to see more though.. just click HERE! and if you missed the engagement photos, and wanna check them out.. click HERE
Here's to the wonderful couple who are not only madly in love, but share the deepest of friendships. Here's to many happy years together! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lunning! 

Ryan and Hailey Liffrig wedding- St. James Minnesota

They met in college, when Hailey had noticed Ryan a few times, she finally got up the courage to talk to him while out one weekend, and the rest... is history. I loved hearing all the details about their story and how confident she was to tell Ryan exactly how she felt. 

Their wedding day was nothing short of perfection. It started with some rain drops in the morning, but stopped when we needed it to. The ladies got ready at the River House Guest Ranch in St. James Minnesota where the reception would be too; it was a vintage dream. Hailey had thought of every detail and had a beautiful tent reception. 

Ryan and Hailey, thank you for being so fun on your big day!- your family and friends did great for photos and i can't believe with the crazy things they had in mind too, i loved it! 

her lovely bridesmaid watching her read the letter from Ryan
such great sports we went down into this wooded area and got a few of my favorite images
The sweetest moment between Hailey and her dad and their first look too. 
the girls had the CUTEST cowboy boots. 
this image below is one the guys suggested! 

the two below are amazing. the DJ had ALL the men sing "You've lost that loving feeling" and they completely got into it. they did so great! 

If you'd like to see more of their images click HERE
Many congrats to the happy couple on a beautiful wedding day! 

gorgeous boudoir photography- Minnesota 

I always say one of my favorite types of shoots are beauty or boudoir, i love seeing women feel good about themselves, and really just shine through in photos. Not that this seriously beautiful woman needs help shining, she did so wonderful! 
I've known her for years and years; in fact you could go back in time and see some pretty awful matching outfits that we insisted on, so i was honored when she chose me to photograph her and we were able to catch up and have tons of fun during the shoot! 
She's absolutely stunning so here's a few of my favorites! 

She did her own makeup and hair and ladies.. if you're interested in a session, she has a business doing just that!- so you have no excuses.. we found someone to make the full experience and get done up! 
She's such a smiley bubbly girl and swore she couldn't do the serious face, BUT DANG! i think she did it perfectly. she's got it down! 
one of my favorite images is this last one. LOVE the lip color she chose. 
Don't forget to leave some love below, and comment here on the site and keep encouraging this gorgeous woman!- and she's definitely available for hair and makeup and because she's done a boudoir shoot, she can help out too! 
You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.- song of songs 4:7